handmade messenger bag

New size for the messenger bags!

I enjoy making custom orders. Adjusting my designs according to the customers’ wishes always gives me new ideas and ways to improve my existing models. For example, by making this particular piece I have now created a new size option for my messenger bags. This is a size medium – you can see a size […]


Altered Couture Magazine feat. RAILOclothing

It’s funny how sometimes life throws the most unbelievable opportunities your way. Things you had never even dared dream of suddenly become a reality, and you just stand back and watch these amazing things happen. Last November, out of nowhere, I got a message from the managing editor of Altered Couture magazine. They wanted me […]


Ladies and especially gentlemen!

I love creating new items for my shop. Sometimes it’s a challenge, if I’m making a completely new model and have to start from scratch with the patterns. That was the case with these newsboy hats; I simply started trying what might work out, made several prototypes, adjusted the patterns again and made new ones […]

how to take great product images with your phone

How To Take Great Product Images With Your Phone + Bonus Tip

You heard me! W i t h   y o u r   p h o n e – ’cause it is possible, no matter what they keep telling you about DSLR’s, fancy gear and studio equipment. Of course all these things are very helpful but not as necessary as some people think. What is necessary […]