handmade messenger bag

New size for the messenger bags!

I enjoy making custom orders. Adjusting my designs according to the customers’ wishes always gives me new ideas and ways to improve my existing models. For example, by making this particular piece I have now created a new size option for my messenger bags. This is a size medium – you can see a size […]

golden dress

I Needed To Sew A Dress

You know when sometimes you’ve repeated something over and over again so many times, you just need to do something completely different for a change? Well, that’s exactly how I felt after sewing A LOT of these hats (which, by the way, are all available in my shop). So I decided to sew a dress […]


Sustainable, ethical fashion to me is producing clothing in a way that customers are aware of every step of the process. I intend to write about the complete cycle of making a garment, but first I wanted to show you where it is I actually do all the sewing. I live in a house in […]