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It takes long hours and some serious determination to turn your hobby into a real business. You take something you’ve loved doing since childhood, add all the commercial business elements, and make a lot of changes to create a certain kind of professionalism in the overall look of things. Besides all this you have to consider time, money and bookkeeping – not to mention marketing, which can make creative artists feel a little (or very) uncomfortable. I’m not surprised many give up before even getting started, and decide to keep making things as just a hobby.

However, there are some of us who feel such passion to become entrepreneurs and offer something unique to the public that we can’t even see the alternative. We are willing to tackle every obstacle in our way until we get to our goal. No amount of work is too much – we have decided to make this happen, and we will.

Having said all that and despite the fact I’ve turned my hobby into a sewing business, I want to stay true to myself. I don’t want to become another faceless online boutique where customers see the products but have no idea who produced them, or where. That’s why I wanted to include a personal blog on this website. I intend to write posts not only about sewing and working as a sustainable fashion entrepreneur, but also about my life and how all of these are connected. My customers will know who made their clothes and can even have a say in the process.

You are most welcome to interact and share your thoughts on handmade clothing, sustainability or life in general. Let’s get to know each other!

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