How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

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7 Tips For Making Your Jeans Last For Years

When you finally find that great pair of jeans (we all know sometimes it takes a while) you want them to last forever, right? I don’t know – maybe it’s just me but jeans that are a perfect fit seem to be a rare species these days. With these tips you’ll be able to make your jeans last longer – wear your favorite pair for years and years again.
How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer


Choose 100% Cotton Over Stretch

When you buy new jeans you need to take the quality of the material into consideration. There are a lot of stretchy jeans available these days – in fact, it can be hard to find a pair that’s 100% made of cotton. I know what you’re thinking; “Oh, but stretchy jeans are so comfortable!” They can be – but that stretchy quality is going to turn them saggy in the knee and – heaven forbid, the bum area a lot faster. So choose cotton and make sure to get quite a snug fit. Even 100% cotton jeans give in over time and you don’t want them to become too slouchy.

Choose Dark Colored Jeans, Preferably Raw Denim

From time to time stonewashed jeans become trendy again. I still suggest you make your own fashion statement by getting a pair of jeans made of raw denim. Whenever you get a pair that has faded color to begin with, you know they’ve had to go through many steps to get that distressed look. All those steps take a lot of working hours but at the same time they are weakening the fabric – so you are paying more for the labor and still, getting lower quality jeans. Also, please make sure you are not buying sandblasted jeans – they literally kill people.

When you find a nice pair of dark, raw denim jeans and take good care of them, they will fade naturally and get a beautiful, distressed look without even trying. You can even enhance that for example by keeping your phone or keys always in the same pocket.

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer


Don’t Wash Your Jeans!

Yeah, you heard me right. Some people suggest you should never wash your jeans but I’m going to give you a little slack here. Try to wear your jeans for as long as it’s humanly possible before throwing them into the washing machine. Here are a few tips on how you can keep wearing them longer between washes:

  • Hang them outside in the fresh air after every use, or at least a couple of times a week
  • When you’ve worn them, don’t put them back into your closet – hang them on a clothes rack instead
  • If you stain your jeans, handwash the stain right away – not the whole pair
  • Seal your jeans in a plastic bag and let them stay in the freezer overnight

If you wash your jeans once a week there’s a lot to improve. If you wash them once a month, you’re getting there. If you wash them after just a couple of days, shame on you.

When You Wash Your Jeans, Do It Right

  • Always wash, dry and iron your jeans inside out
  • Use cold water (most labels suggest 40C but 30C is a lot better for your jeans AND the environment)
  • NEVER use fabric softener!
  • Use a slow spin
  • Let your jeans air dry

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

How To Store Your Jeans After The Wash

I suggest you iron the jeans right after they’ve air dried. In fact, it’s a lot easier to iron them if they’re still a tiny bit damp. Remember to iron them inside out! After ironing, turn them right side out again and make sure you let them dry completely. Don’t fold and stack them into your closet like most people do. Jeans weigh quite a bit and when you have 10 pairs folded in a pile on top of each other, you’ll start to see creases after a while. Instead, use hangers (or specific pants’ hangers) and hang them loosely on a rack. If you’re struggling to pull a pair of jeans out of the rack, you have too many jeans.

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

If Your Jeans Are Broken, Fix Them

No matter what the issue, a quality pair of jeans is almost always worth repairing. If you fall down and get a hole in the knee, patch it (or let a professional do it, if you don’t know how). You can either use the exact same color denim so that people will barely notice it. Or go wild and let it show!

If your jeans are too long, shorten them. Otherwise they will tear from the bottom of the legs, and that will instantly make them look older. If you’ve lost weight it might be worth the money to have your favorite jeans taken in a little.

If you feel like the color of your jeans has faded too much, there are a lot of different fabric dyes that you can use. Just make sure to get a nature-friendly dye.

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

When Your Jeans Are Absolutely Done, For Good, Recycle Them

If it’s just that you are done with a pair of jeans but they are still perfectly wearable, give them to a friend who likes them or take them to a charity shop. There’s no point in throwing clothing into trash if there’s someone who actually needs it.

But if your jeans are broken, fixed, and broken again – up to a point where you’re afraid they might just fall apart while your walking in the street, maybe it’s time to finally let go. There are still tons of better ways to get rid of jeans than just throw them in the trash. Don’t believe me? Just check Pinterest.

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